Silent Auction

History in a Quilt
Read the story of the first CCMA quilt used for fundraising to support co-op education (photo at bottom of page), Co-op History in a Quilt.  The story begins…  “Ann Hoyt never envisioned that the stash of co-op t-shirts languishing in her dresser drawer had the potential to raise thousands of dollars or be a catalyst for cooperation around the country…”

Continuing to Support Co-op Education
The Bowers Fund makes grants for the training and education of food co-op staff, managers, and board members.  About 20 people attend CCMA every year with the help of scholarships from the Bowers Fund and the Bowers Fund raises most of its contributions though events at CCMA.

One of the events at CCMA is a silent auction of items contributed by individuals, food co-ops, and other organizations.  Some of the “items” will be the food co-op quilts, which will be auctioned for a year each.  The silent auction will take place near the registration area from Thursday afternoon through lunch on Saturday.  Make sure to monitor your bids at closing time and check out with any items you have won.    quarter saver photo

You are invited to bring something – an item from your co-op, a local or regional specialty, a piece of art work, something crafted,  or a historic co-op item.  Information / bid forms will be on the silent auction tables, which will be marked “Bowers Fund.”

You are encouraged to bid!  Take home a piece of co-op memorabilia for yourself and a quilt for a year for your co-op or corridor!“

Bowers Fund quilt photo 2

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