Willy Street Invites us to PLAY!

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Madison Children’s Museum! Come play in three levels of interactive museum galleries and explore surprise activity enclaves while eating some seriously delish food.


seafoodenchiladaEldorado Grill, one of Willy Street’s GM’s favorite places to eat in town, will have food stations sprinkled throughout the museum. Try a variety of LOCAL foods, including fine Wisconsin cheeses and preserves, stuffed sweet peppers, vegan sliders, and  killer fish cakes.

TEXAS TORPEDOES(Pictured above are seafood enchiladas and Texas torpedoes.)

Drink beer from our fabulous local breweries while dancing to the Currach Trio Curach Trio(pictured here) and Vo5, (below) Wisconsin’s Own Disco Superstars! (Check out their song list!)








With additional performances by Ótimo Madison Brazilian Dance This group hosts a weekly, community dance class exploring various Brazilian dancKOMI4201_5x7_WEB-Readye styles such as samba reggae, maracatu, samba no pé, axé – and many more – every Wednesday at 6:30 at the Center for Conscious Living in Madison, Wisconsin.

We will also enjoy David Hecht, solo guiltar and vocals.  (Check out some of his work here.) Culture #049

The last addition to the line-up (but not necessarily in this order) is Dexter Mott playing  Bach to Vivaldi.  Dexter is an eleven year old sixth grade Willy’s member who busks at Willy East in Madison. He is a Suzuki trained violinist and a member of the Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestra and Chamber group.

Here is where the “webmaster” learned the term “busks.” Do you know it?  If you have read this far you deserve to learn it here:
busk  (bsk)

intr.v. busked, busk·ing, busks

To play music or perform entertainment in a public place, usually while soliciting money.

This event is not to be missed!